An exaggerated 2014

Hundreds of quotations encourage us to live each day as if it was the last one and constantly these sentences remain temporarily etched in our memory before our daily routine sweeps them away. This year I’ve tried to put this philosophy into practice in order to seize the day and make every moment valuable. 2014 has been an exaggerated year in terms of travels, experiences and unforgettable moments. Maybe I could have done something more but I can definitely say that I have no regrets. It has been a stunning year and I’ve strongly contributed to make it awesome. 

This year France hosted me several times...

...even on its trees

The charm of Krakow delighted me...

...and in Poland I've learnt that we can't forget

Albania took my hand and showed me its contrasts

Sweden welcomed me back as a Prodigal Son

I walked on Ireland's greenest carpets

I wandered across the warmest Andalusian streets... 

...and flamenco echoed in my Spanish nights

In Gibraltar I hated borders and I admired Spain...

...and on the Rock I met the authentic inhabitants

From Tarifa I gazed the mountains of Tangier

I got lost in the magic streets of Istanbul...

I admired an epic sunset over the Bosphorus

And I stepped into Asia for the very first time

I travelled beyond seas, mountains and borders... discover new horizons celebrate a wedding strength ties

to meet people I hadn't seen for ages visit new places with people who share my same passions

I travelled for me

...and for the people who cannot enjoy a sunset anymore

I came back to my Puglia, to Dublin

I came back home