A treehouse village in the heart of Ardèche

The hustle and bustle of city life never forgets to conceal the natural rhythm of time that only wild places preserve. The treehouse village of St Julien de Labrousse a couple of hours away from Lyon, in the heart of Ardeche, is the right place to rediscover the genuineness of life and to live an adventurous experience without any kind of comfort .


The small village consists of eight treehouses, is a natural window from where it is possible to gaze the Eyrieux and the Cevennes mountains. The 8 three houses are nestled between 4 and 8 meters above the ground and have no electricity nor heating. Hence, lovers of luxury hotels should be equipped with warm sleeping bags to face the stiff mountain nights .

The staff provides visitors with helmets, harness and carabiners that they need to test in order to be ready to climb the swinging rope ladders attached to the trees and to be given the green light to access the treehouse.

From the top of the hut, caressed by the scent of the trees, you live timeless moments, nights under starry skies filled with the hum of the forest, you wake up to the sound of the birds chirping and enjoy a delicious breakfast served in a basket tied to a pulley.

During the day you can indulge in the calm pace of the surrounding towns or walk along the mountain trails to plunge into the lush and wild nature.

Regardless of the amount of time spent in this wonderful place, you are just swallowed by the majesty of nature that follows its harmonic rhythm and help you rediscover the foundation of existence in its primordial configuration.